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Love my new Coton de Tulear Zoey

Here is how I feel about Zoey and Cuddly Cotons:

How do you spell L-O-V-E? Zoey, my Coton de Tulear. She has a 100 pound personality in a very petite frame (right now, almost tipping the scales at 6 pounds). Every day with her is a challenge and a joy. She is smart, inquisitive, and learns quickly. She loves making new friends -- both people and puppies and warmly greets everyone. Everywhere we go, she is the star of the show. I had people move to sit next to me as I visited a writers workshop. They simply could not get enough of her!

The surprises for me? I have had her one month and I have never had a dog before. We learn together how to accommodate each other. What I have discovered is, she will kiss you on command, lick you dry when you climb out of the tub, and rid you of any illnesses that stem from stress. Before I picked her up, I had raging eczema and mild rosacea -- post Zoey, both gone!

She has made my social life an ever expanding circle of people begging to come over to meet her. I have had dinner parties 3 weeks running.

This was not an impulse purchase. I have allergies and my allergist insisted I could not get a dog. (In the end, I won). I did lots of research to narrow down which breeds might work for me and then went and visited each type before deciding. Once it was obvious Cotons were the most calming, friendly and loving puppy, that made it easier. Then I contacted 24 breeders. I probably got ahold of Linda about a third of the way through the list and decided immediately because we “clicked”. She gave me great advice and helped me looked at it objectively (when to pick her up, etc). I forced myself to get through the entire list before I sent her a deposit.

The correspondence and friendship that came with that decision is a testament to due diligence. Linda makes herself available regularly and sent me constant updates once the litter was born. I walked around with a picture of Zoey on my phone when she was first born. I already loved her and I hadn’t even brought her home.

If you are lucky enough to get one of her pups, you will then know the meaning of unconditional love and pure bliss!

Iris Kapp

Spot ~ Coton De Tulear with his new family

Our New Coton Puppy Juneau March 2012  


Right around Christmas, my husband, 6-year old daughter and I decided it was time to bring a puppy into our family. I had

NEVER had a house pet in my life (I'm 39 years old), and we all had ideas about what type of dog would work best with

our existing dynamic and smaller home.

We ended up learning about "Cuddly Cotons" from the website, and my husband sent an e-mail to inquire about adoption.

Linda immediately responded, answering all of his questions. He decided to call her shortly after the reply to set up a

meeting. Low and behold - a litter of 5 puppies were being born as they spoke! He ended up setting up a meeting for four

weeks later, when it was safe to handle the newborn doggies. Four of them were accounted for already, so we were very

happy he called when he did!

To our surprise, Linda sent us adorable pictures of our soon-to-be-pup, and kept us updated on how he was doing during

these first, few weeks. We could hardly wait to meet him! We made the 3 hour trip to Grand Rapids to meet Linda at her

home, where she breeds and cares for her puppies. We immediately fell in love…. not just with Juneau (we had named

him already), but with the home, the beautiful, clean space the puppies were living in, and most importantly, the obvious

passion, concern and respect Linda has for her dogs and puppies, and her role as a breeder. My husband and I felt

comfortable with her right away. She took the time to answer our questions and discuss all of our concerns. We held and

cuddled Juneau the entire time, and were able to meet his parents and siblings. Our daughters was elated. By the time we

left (as hard as it was to leave), we KNEW we were making the right decision!

It got even better once we brought our little guy home. Linda was there for all the questions we had - panicked moments -

everything. It was as if she had nothing else to do except help us! She sent me helpful articles and even initiated emails,

asking for updates about Juneau.

I could have never imagined a breeder would be this conscientious, patient and thorough. It is a blessing that we were

able to work with Linda to adopt our beautiful, little Coton De Tulear.


Denise Lippert

Plymouth, Mi

Oeverman Family and their new puppy Brinley November 2010

We really enjoyed the whole experience of purchasing a puppy from Linda Gogocha. Linda has a real love for her dogs and is very knowledgable and experienced. She took the time to answer our many questions, and we could not be happier with our Honeybear puppy. Our dog Brinley is great with my children, ages 5 and 8. He has a sweet personality and tends to win over everyone he meets, including those that are not dog lovers! Thank you Linda!

Sandy Overman Family​We really enjoyed the whole experience of purchasing a puppy from Linda Gogocha. Linda has a real love for her dogs and is very knowledgable and experienced. She took the time to answer our many questions, and we could not be happier with our Honeybear puppy. Our dog Brinley is great with my children, ages 5 and 8. He has a sweet personality and tends to win over everyone he meets, including those that are not dog lovers! Thank you Linda!

Sandy Overman Family

BINA~Letter of AppreciationApril 23, 3012

Hi Linda,

It has taken me way too long to write this, but here is my praise for you and our little Bina! Today is her 2nd birthday so I've been Bina reminiscing :-)

My husband and I had been planning to add a puppy to our family for quite a while when we discovered the Coton breed and Linda's puppies. Despite not being familiar with the breed, it didn't take long to completely fall in love. With their big, LOVING personality, in a small (non-shedding!) package, Cotons seemed like a perfect fit. Once we met Linda and at last got to meet the Coton's we were completely sure this was the breed for us. Soon the litter was born, and we met Bina, the soon to be love of our life. 

We could not be more happy with our experience with Linda and having Bina as part of our family. This was the first dog either of us had so we had many questions and Linda was patient, knowledgeable, and helpful as we went through the process of choosing our puppy and bringing her home. Linda encouraged us to visit Bina in the weeks before we brought her home, and it was the highlight of my week when we (at last!) got to visit. Once we brought Bina home Linda continued to answer my questions and give advice on anything from food to behavior. I so appreciated her willingness to be involved and supportive even after we brought Bina home!

As Bina grew so did her wonderfully sweet and animated personality! I couldn't imagine a more sweet, social, and fun-loving personality! She was everything we were hoping for in a dog; friendly, playful, and a wonderful companion. As my husband often tells people, "I didn't know I could ever like a dog this much!"

Even though she is a small dog she doesn't have some of the characteristics that I had thought a small dog might have, such as being fragile or yippy. Quite the contrary, she is a very sturdy dog. Even when someone accidentally steps on her she rarely reacts, and has never responded by nipping. When considering breeds, we were concerned by many smaller breeds because they can be hurt easily or nip in a similar situation. We have been so happy with Bina's temperament and the fact that even though she is only 10 pounds she is full of spirit and strength.

A few other wonderful things about Bina: She is hilarious- she has such a funny "entertainer" personality and makes us laugh every day. She cuddles like crazy. She loves cats, dogs, kids, and everyone else...except squirrels- they are her arch enemy. She is a good watch dog, so we always know when someone is approaching the house; but if it is a guest she immediately goes into "friend" mode and believes they are there to be her friend. She is very smart, and has been easy to train from day one. We bell trained her, and she learned commands really quickly. She loves walks, running on the beach, snow, leaves, and just generally being outside. She is totally loyal and loving beyond what I ever imagined a dog could be!

With much gratitude to Linda, and much love for Bina, thank you for our wonderful Coton! She is loved so very much!

We love Bina so very much, and hopefully will add another Coton to our family some day! Thank you again, and keep in touch.

Emily, Brandon, and Bina

Murphy June 2013

Hi Linda,

'Thought we'd update you after two weeks since Murphy came home...

* definitely knows his name

* follows us everywhere

* loves, loves, loves to cuddle

* so far, ignores chipmunks and squirrels

* sleeps quietly all night in his crate with a blanket over the door

* spent the afternoon at school with me two days and adored all the attention from dozens of handlers without any shaking or making a peep!

* way more a nibbler than an eater so far, but isn't a beggar either, so that is fine with us.

* making progress on the biting thing - a firm 'no' and 10 minute timeout in his crate is doing the trick

* acceptant of all new toys, though plastic water bottle is still his favorite. He chases it all around the living room

* routine being established and we are better at consistency as time goes on

* potty training better day by day :)

* barking little except to wake us to go potty in the early AM - THAT'S a good thing...

* Pretty much the perfect little buddy

* now has a middle name (Finnegan) ... Irish name meaning 'little white one' as chosen by our daughter :)

That's it for now. Loving him so much!

Thanks, Linda. You obviously did a great job until we became his forever family!

Have a great week,

Mary and David 


THE CLEMENCE FAMILY Received their beautiful little male Coton puppy Nikos on July 3, 2009


JULY 14, 2009



Hi Linda,

I wanted to write a letter of appreciation to thank you for our very special Coton de tulear puppy, Niko. After all the research on breeds and breeders, you and your Cotons was the perfect choice for our family. Your knowledge and compassion for the Cotons is significant. From answering all our questions prior to Niko being born to all of the follow-ups after he came home shows you are truly are a dedicated breeder and now our friend. Niko captured our hearts from the day he was born. Each day begins with his little smile and him covering his eyes playing peek-a-boo. He puts on quite a performance. Diana summed him up pefectly when when she said "Nikos you're my angel." You have an open invitation to come visit us anytime. Nikos truly gave us Christmas in July.

Thank you,

Kirk Clemence

& Family

This is Nikos and Tigg. They added Tigg to their family in May 2010.

THE ROEDER FAMILY has a new edition to their family: Emmy Sue on July 2, 2009

LETTER OF THANKS ~ May 20. 2012

Dear Linda,

This letter is long overdue. We brought our little "Sheldon" home over a month ago already and yet I'm certain he has been here forever! Even though Sheldon is not our first dog ever, nor is he the only dog in our home he is by far the sweetest! He wakes me each morning with kisses on my nose. He lays in any lap he can find and when ready to play he hops around chasing toys or balls we roll around. He is simply the most gentle sweet puppy I have ever known. Our vet commented on his wonderful disposition and his excellent appearance of good health. He is already nearly house broken and rings the bell here at the door to go outside for potty time. I had no idea how special of a puppy he was going to be when I first contacted you over one year ago. My reluctance to get a puppy from you then was the distance from our home to yours. It was so helpful though to talk to you about the dogs you breed and while at that time we went to a local breeder you were always in the back of my mind. When we decided to take the 3rd dog plunge you were my first and only phone call. Being able to finally meet you, see your beautiful and incredibly clean home was all the reassurance in the world our puppy was coming from the BEST breeder there is. My daughters and I planned to stay about 30-45 minutes when picking him up. Who knew we would stay as long as we did. Each of your adult dogs were so friendly, social and loving we couldn't tear ourselves away. Sheldon has made an impression on everyone he meets, I think you should send me more business cards!

I cannot wait to hear back from you when you tell me you have another "Sheldon" for us, I know it will happen too. Take care, enjoy our pictures as we plan to keep sending them!

Thanks for everything and for your bringing us the sweetest puppy ever.


Elana Weisberg and Family

Caillou Our Coton De Tulear puppy

In December 2011, we lost our beloved Chow Chow to cancer and my

family was devastated. My 3 year old little girl asked me everyday if

our Dog was in doggie heaven. It was a tough time. We decided very

quickly to get a new puppy to help our daughter get through her grief.

I searched all over the web for a dog that could fit in with our

family. I just happened to stumble upon a Coton and I was interested

because I had never heard of the breed. I contacted Linda at Cuddly

Cotons and she was so helpful. Linda really has a passion for this

breed and loves and respects her dogs. I truly believe she lives the

Breeder's Code of Ethics. Linda asked me just as many questions as I

asked her and this means she really CARES about her puppies and their

quality of life in their forever homes.

I cannot express how much my family has grown to love this dog. He

has added so much to our life and we take him everywhere with us. He

is so loving and patient with my 3 year old daughter and he has become

her best friend. This is exactly what we were looking for. Linda is

such a caring and ethical person and she really does want the best for

her puppies. My family is so pleased and we CONSTANTLY refer people

to Linda is they are looking for the perfect pet.

Words cannot express how much we love him. Thank You!

Denise McCarther

Thank you from the Smiths

 November 17, 2010

Just a brief notation on the dogs, Halley and Harley have been the love of our lives.hey have filled a void with continued companionship and friendship. I have never had a dog that were so loving as these two are. And smart, they have our time schedules down pat. They know when it is time to be fed, time to be walked, they know when it is time for snack -and last but not least they know when it is bed time. In fact, they have our schedule down to a tee to where they have us trained. Little Halley (our little princess) loves to had her tummy rubbed. She will lie next to us on the couch and when she wants her tummy

rubbed she will do this dainty little growl and lay on her back and if we don't pay an attention to her she will take her front paw and tap us on the hand until we respond to he wants. Harley is the whiner. Time to be fed, whine, time to snack, whine, time to take walk, whine and when all of those are done there is the want to go to the bathroom whine, thank God for that. And speaking of the bathroom, we have placed a set of jingle bells around the door knob and most of the time Harley will use the bell system, but our little princess, uses the bell system on a regular basis when outside is needed. When Harley wants to be close to me he will lie down against my leg and expect to be rubbed and if I ignore him he will stair at me until I rub him. Like I said they have us trained.

         On closing, we hope all is going well with you and your business.


Michael Smith

We love our Coton Rex

Long over due:

Our family was blessed to have adopted our little boy, Rex, 9 months ago from Cuddly Cotons. We were so impressed with Linda's wealth of knowledge about the Coton and how she cares for these cute babies in her home. She truly cares about all of her little puppies and makes sure that each one goes to a great home. If we ever feel the need to adopt another puppy, Cuddly Cotons will be the ONLY place that we will look. We love you Cuddly Cotons and thank you for our funny, happy, loving, most handsome boy, Rex.  



December 2013

Letter from the Smiths December 2013

Hi Linda,

Just a few words about our children, Haley & Harley finally have us trained, when they ring the jingle bells on the door handle, we open the door to let them out to visit their outhouse, they make their noises to let us know when they want something, which I'll explain a little later and they lets us know when they want to go to bed, not necessarily to sleep but to go to bed.

We will start with our little bit, as I affectionately call Haley for she is daddy's little girl. There is a bond between that little dog and I and with just one little look from those beautiful brown eyes he can get anything she wants, just like the bond between daughter and farther. I never thought I would get this close to a dog again but Haley has my heart and for example, I will explain what she is doing in the two photos that I have attached of her. When she wakes from a nap and if dad is around or in ear distance from her, she will lie on her back and make these little grunting sounds and in doing

so she will wriggle her front paws in the air as though riding an invisible bicycle. She continues this routine until I come to her (yep, I'm trained), come to her and rub her little tummy and she will let me

know when I am finished. HA If I stop and if she is not quite satisfied with the reflexology she will do the little grunting and bicycling action again until I respond and continue with the massage. No if I'm really patient with her and real gentle with my affection, she will go to sleep and nap for another half hour or so. I have located the video camera near me in hopes to capture the belly

rubbing ritual but I seem to keep missing the episode. If I ever video her tummy rubbing paging I will U-tube it and then notify you.

Harley is the king and the squirrel alarm. We have frequent visitations from a squirrel that lives in the wet lands behind us, which has claimed the front yard as his nut gathering field. About every morning around 10:30 he visits our Bradford Pear trees that are located in the front of the house. Harley lies in the bay window and watches the neighborhood, guarding our house from all

kinds of things, especially the invading squirrel. The squirrel is no dummy. He approaches his harvesting area from different directions. On one occasion, I witnessed his approached from the

neighbor’s roof top to the neighbor's tree to the ground. On another occasion the squirrel scampered across the top of our fence, that, starts at the beginning of the wetlands to a tree limb, that, touches the last post of the fence, climbs into the tree, goes around the truck of the tree, races to the lowest

branch of the tree and jumps to the ground in graceful fluid motion. So, no matter which route the squirrel takes to get to his quarry, he still has to expose himself to the Harley, the barking get out of

my yard squirrel alarm. Harley has influence on Haley for when she hears him barking and if she is napping, off she tears for the bay window and in harmony they bark then get out of my yard's bark.

Now if we allow them to continue, they will proceed with the loud fierce barking until the squirrel leaves, which I shall say a little, the high, shrieking, fierce barking goes a long way. So, we do one of two things, open the front door and scare off the squirrel or remove them from the front room and

close the door so they can't have access to the room. We choose the latter most of the time, but here is the kicker, Harley will lie next to the front room door and around five minutes or so will start to whimper, he wants to return to the scene of the barking event and see if the squirrel has left, if he is

convinced there is no squirrel invading his turf, then all will be calm in the smith house. HA The pictures I have attached of Harley shows the aftermath of rubber bone attacking. I toss the rubber bone on the floor, he chases it down, fetches it, returns to the couch and then the fun begins. I am supposed to get it out of his mouth by the tug of war method. The more I tug the more he wars and I

must admit he is a tough little dog. If I don't pay any attention to him, he, with bone in mouth, will nudge my arm or leg with his nose, wanting me to play tug of war. He would play all day if he had a person that would do that with him. He loves the attention.

Thank you Linda, for these beautiful, so full of love, little dogs. I have had a total of four dogs

prior to these Cotons and none of those dogs had the warmth and intelligence as these wonderful pooches.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God bless you with peace, health

and prosperity. / The Smiths

P.S. Thank you so much for the beautiful Thanksgiving E-card. It was very thoughtful of you Linda.

Letter from Valerie - January 2014

What is a Coton de Tulear? Pure love. The Coton is the most affectionate and loyal companion you could ever dream of. After a long day at work, he's always there to lay down next to me and just cuddle. My husband suffers from migraines and Bo (our Coton) sits with him to provide comfort. Cotons are playful as well. He loves playing with other dogs. If you are considering a Coton, there is no better breeder than Linda, owner of Cuddly Cotons in Rockford, MI. After a careful screening, Linda is there every step of the way. She contacted us immediately as soon as she learned of our interest. She sent us pictures. Linda lives about 50 minutes away from us and we were able to visit with her and our new puppy several times before he was old enough to come home with us. Linda loves this and encourages this wonderful bonding experience. Linda takes care of all the newborns at her home which is warm, inviting, and clean. She even has friends come over to love on the puppies until they can come to their forever homes. Once your baby is ready to come home, Linda is still there for you to answer questions. She recommends the proper food, care, medical attention, and groomers. I never thought of myself as a true "dog person," but I'm hooked now thanks to my Bo who is sitting on my lap as I am typing this. I just love this little buddy and I know you will too once you meet your special Coton. Valerie Stoelzel


Hello Linda, Mya is growing and healthy! She is so sweet we all love her to pieces! Our vet thinks she is awesome and that we have a really good dog. She is doing tricks for Paul but rolling over is not happening yet. She dances on her hind legs and entertains with what we call the Mya Show. She tells us when she has to go out and almost has us trained completely!!! She sleeps in her crate all night and she plays hard ... so cute! We took her for a doggie play date yesterday and she did so well. She goes for walks and makes friends

whoever she sees! Thanks for raising such good puppies Linda!


Gail, Mike, Paul & Mya 

M & M

My daughters, McAra and Myranda have been watching "Too Cute" on Animal planet for the past couple of years. They have been dreaming of getting a new puppy and would often show us the puppies featured on the show. One day they showed my wife and I a dog featured called "Coton de Tulear". Intrigued by the way the dog was portrayed on the show, I began to research on the internet for more information. I came across Linda's web site. I was impressed with the website because it was up-to-date and very detailed. It answered most of the questions I had. I read the testimonies and decided to e-mail Linda to ask some questions. Linda e-mailed back with 24-48 hours and I was impressed. Linda was very helpful and was patient with us. We never felt pressured. We looked at the photos and decided on a Honey bear. What a blessing this little dog is. Our daughter's have name the puppy M&M after their own names. M&M fits right into our family. It has only been 2 months and we are so grateful that we chose to go with Linda. When we went to pick up M&M, we noticed how well she cares for the dogs and was impressed with how knowledgeable Linda is. I assumed once we got M&M we wouldn't hear from Linda. That was not the case Linda checked on M&M and offered suggestions to help with the transition. We are so happy and highly recommend getting a Coton de Tulear or a Honeybear from Linda and CuddlyCotons.

Russ & Kari

 February 2014

Oliver Lau

Hi Linda, 

I hope you are doing well! I just thought I would give you an update on Oliver. He is such a great little boy, so sweet and VERY smart! He hasn't been in any training classes lately but I work with him on my own a couple times a week to keep up everything he learned in obedience classes. I'd like to sign him up for classes to be a therapy dog - pretty much everyone who meets him says he just brightens their day. Actually, two more people in my building have gotten cotons because of Ollie (I gave them your contact info.

It might seem a little crazy, but I actually started an Instagram account for Oliver, because I noticed all the pictures I was posting were of him. So he has his own now, for a little over a month and he has 500 followers! People love him! haha So I figured if people like him on Instagram, they would probably like him on Facebook too, so I set that up for him last week, and he already has over 200 followers. People just can't get enough of this awesome breed! Anyways, someone messaged me after seeing how cute Ollie is and wanted to know where I got him, so I passed along your info.


Cassie Lau

Lilly Deister July 2014

Our family was looking to get a new dog, after doing some research on the right breed to fit our family we decided on a Coton. Now where do we find one of these precious puppies??After a short internet search we found . We sent an email inquiry and got a response within the hour. Linda sent us photos of what was going to be available and we fell in love with our Lilly that night. We placed our order and sent our deposit. Linda sent us weekly photos and a list of everything we need for this breed. We even picked our puppies name prior to our delivery so that she would start to become familiar to who she was even before we met. Linda was extremely accommodating and changed her schedule to allow us to pick up our new puppy while we were in the area for a college visit for my son; this saved us a 6 hour round trip. The commutation though out the entire transaction was over the top, and the customer service even 5 months later has been great. If you’re looking for a new puppy, look no further as this is the place. We love our puppy she is everything we had hoped for and even more, this is for sure a special breed! We will be getting another dog in a few years and have no question where to get it.

Thanks so much!

The Deister family

PUPPY LOVE - Frankie

I first became interested in a Coton De Tulear upon seeing a co-workers puppy from Cuddly Cotons. I contacted Linda and she graciously returned all my emails and questions quickly. Linda invited me to visit her home and see the parent dogs and puppies. She is knowledgeable about her dogs and other aspects of training and care. Her dogs live in a clean environment and obviously receive lots of attention and socializing by Linda and her family. Linda made me feel very comfortable about asking questions and learning as much as I could. She emailed me information on the breed and other concerns. She sent me pictures when Frankie was born and after before he was ready to go home. 

I am a teacher and wanted very much to start my summer with a new puppy and Linda understood and helped me to make this happen. She sent me pictures of the parents and puppies at different times throughout my pregnancy wait. I brought home Frankie a male Coton in June of 2014. He was just three pounds and all fluff and fun. Linda sent me home with my new puppy and also a blanket that had his mother’s scent on it! Suggestions for food and Heartworm/Flea medications were available as well.

At his initial Vet check, my veterinarian pronounced him in excellent health and condition. Frankie is now almost four months old and is doing very well. He is smart and is house trained both day and night. Where ever I take Frankie someone always wants to whisk him away from me. Frankie has been camping and in hotels with my family and has done extremely well. He is lively and funny but also affectionate and cuddly. While he does have quite a bark (like when my cat gets too close!) Frankie is quiet and does not make much if any noise. My family and I have fallen so in love with him. My grand children want to visit so they can play with Frankie.

I am so thankful to Linda for assisting and providing this experience for me. ( I am thinking about a friend for Frankie perhaps next summer!)

Kathie Gibson


We got a male Maltipoo, who we named Otto, at the end of October 2014. Linda was so wonderful and made the experience of getting our first family puppy an easy and enjoyable experience. We visited her house to meet her puppies (and ultimately pick one out) and she was very patient, answering all of our questions and giving us time to make our decision. She was very warm and welcoming and her house was very clean, and I felt confident that her dogs are very well cared for. She was very knowledgeable and provided us with lots of information, which we really appreciated especially as first time dog owners. When it came time to come back to pick up Otto to bring him home once he was old enough, she was very flexible with scheduling a date to accommodate our schedule and the fact that we had to drive a long way. She was even able to meet us about halfway for us to pick him up, which was awesome because it saved us a couple hours of driving time. Otto is now almost 15 weeks old and is doing so well with our family. He's exactly the kind of dog we had wanted - small, non-shedding, sweet, affectionate, cuddly, fun, playful, smart, and cute. He already knows several "tricks" including Sit, Down, Stop, Fetch, Shake Paws, and High Five, which he learned within mere minutes of us teaching them to him. He's also been to the groomer once already for a hair and nail trim, and the groomer said that he was incredibly well-behaved and well-mannered. He has brought such joy to me, my husband, and our three kids who range in age from 4 to 9 years old. He's a great family pet and you will be very pleased if you are lucky enough to choose one of Linda's dogs. ~ Liz, from Canton, MI

TUCKER our Coton De Tulear March 2015

My wife and I had to put down our Westie after 15 wonderful years. It did not take long to realize our house felt empty and we needed to try to bring a new puppy into our lives. While you can never replace a dog like we had, we realized our life was better with a dog in it so we started to research the different breeds and found the Cuddly Cotons web site. I contacted Linda and we shared a few e-mails back and forth. It did not take long to realized she was in love with the breed and she would be the one to bring a new dog into our house. She had a litter on the way in a few weeks and we were lucky enough to be the first to inquire about a new pup so we would get the pick of the litter. We drop by and put down the deposit and got to meet Linda and the mother of our new pup, her name was Mariah. Plus the other dogs and pups in Linda's home. One thing is for sure, all Linda's dogs get a lot of love and attention and it was pretty obvious. We had our hearts set on a black and white dog. Well, a few weeks later we got our wish. Linda contacted us to tell us Mariah had 6 pups, all males but only one of them was black and white and he was ours. Though out this process, I could not be more pleased with Linda's professionalism and how she made this such a fun experience for my wife and I. A couple times a week we would get a few pictures of our new pooch or a video of him playing with his brothers. When she told us he was old enough to have visitors, we made the trip to GR and met our new guy. We had a trip to Florida scheduled so we would be gone for a couple of weeks. The trip was enhanced with pictures and videos of our new puppy. It made the trip even more enjoyable then it was. When it was time to head home, we were lucky enough to be able to pick up our new puppy on the way through GR. We decided during our vacation to name him Tucker. What a great dog he is turning out to be. I am pretty sure this is rare but his first night at home, he did not cry at all. We are keeping him in a cage at night and he could not be happier. My wife has been taking him to the office everyday and I have been picking him up on my way home from work. When we get home we run around the yard together, play tug of war and fetch. We have had him a week and he is able to fetch a small tennis ball already and bring it back every time. I can tell already he is going to be a great dog. We took Tucker to our vet for the first time. Our Vet went on and on about the details Linda had given us about what Tucker had as far as shots and health care and what he will need and when. Our Vet told us that it is really rare to see a breeder be so thorough with their documentation. If you are thinking about getting a Coton from Linda, from my perspective and how this experience went for us, I highly recommend it. I don't think there is a better breeder anywhere that loves these little fur balls more than she does or that does a better job giving them a good start in life. Robin and Ted Koikas

Hi Linda,

It is hard to believe, but Wave will be a year old in a few months. I am just wondering, is this dog part human? It never ceases to amaze me how quickly he learns and what he will come up with next. He is super smart (and sassy)! Our family jokes that he is the dog that actually does all the crazy things you see dogs doing in the movies. He loves everyone and just about wiggles and jumps out of his skin until he can say hello. He loves to play with my kids and wake them up each morning. He loves walks, being outdoors, and playing in the snow. You were not kidding when you said these dogs love to be around people and love attention.

When our family first started talking about getting a new puppy, I had never heard of a Coton de Tulear. The entire process of choosing a dog (as opposed to adopting the latest stray) was overwhelming for me. When I stumbled upon your website and started reading about the breed, I still had doubts. I was amazed at your quick response to my website inquiry, and I appreciate that you actually called me to talk. I never felt like I was bothering you or asking obvious questions. We especially appreciated when you set up an opportunity to meet one of your puppies, Oliver, who lived close to us. My husband has allergies and when he had no reactions to Oliver, it was a done deal! You made the entire process of getting Wave simple and we waited eagerly for the updates and photos you sent as he was growing each week. Thank You for everything!

Wave has had no health issues. To my delight, he weighs in at a solid 16 pounds! Even though he is a small dog, I love that he can keep up with the kids. We are looking forward to a great summer!


February 2017

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