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We have been meaning to send you an update. Bella is wonderful! We could not love her more. She has been life changing to our family in so many ways. She is a loving companion to us all, and certainly also keeps us on our toes! She is a blessing. I am attaching two photos. We hope you continue to do well. Blessings this Thanksgiving and we will keep in touch!

The O'Donnell Family
November 2020


Hi Linda,
I hope all is well with you in this crazy time! Finally we have some beautiful weather to get outside!
I just want to thank you for such a lovely addition to our family. Giuseppe is amazing! He is smart , beautiful and does many tricks! We are working on agility training him for fun!  He loves the car , boat, bike rides , long walks and relaxing in the yard. My son has a goldendoodle and when Buddy visits they are best friends . He is pretty much game for anything and has such a wonderful demeanor.
We were in Holland strolling yesterday and I promise you when I say that about 10 people stopped me to ask what breed he is. There were 2 couples that I gave your contact information to. We were hoping if you have business cards could you send us some . It would be much easier to just pass out ! I stood with a couple for way to long yesterday trying to help them just spell coton .
I wouldn’t be surprised if someday we wanted another.
I’ve enclosed a photo to show you how handsome he is! 
Thanks again for loving and taking such wonderful care of your pups! We think Giuseppe is as happy as we are!


JUNE 2020



Good morning, Linda!

My youngest son plays for one of the Rockford Baseball Association teams. On Monday, with a little social distancing by the parents and a few tweaks to their scrimmage, Bauer was back in his hometown to watch a few innings of baseball.

I thought I'd send you a few recent pics and let you know how much we adore and love this boy!

On a daily basis, probably hourly, during most of the Quarantine - my daughter and I would have this running conversation: "I'm pretty sure that I love Bauer the most... ". But, what we never disagreed on was on how much Bauer loves us. 

At almost 11 months, Bauer loves to go on a walk. He's never met a stranger so far - he greets every person with a smile and an enthusiastic tail wag.

Bauer loves car rides. Even a trip to the vet for a check-up 😂

I've discovered that there's not a "super chewer" stuffed toy that Bauer won't destroy in minutes. Even those "invincible" to Pit Bulls. The one soft toy that has remain untouched? His Snuggle Puppy. He sleeps with it every night.

Linda, I'm sure you've heard this from so many people who have been lucky enough to go home with one of your Cotons but, I just want to again say thank you for all the time and hard work you put in before Bauer came home with me. I know the wonderful dog he is has everything to do with where he was born.

Have a wonderful summer!

Take care and stay well,
June 2020

Testimonals from customers


Less than eight months ago I had never heard of the breed Coton de Tulear nor had any idea within days our beautiful baby Rockette would be born. In May of 2019 my parents traveled to Europe and asked us to babysit their nine-year-old Shih Tzu, Buffy. My husband and I have always had dogs throughout our marriage, however, they have all been big dogs, my hubby didn’t want a little “ankle bitter.” My hubby reluctantly agreed to allow us to care for Buffy for those two weeks. By the end of that time he had fallen for the little dog and was willing for me to start looking into small breeds. I jumped on the opportunity, as I have wanted a small dog for years now. I did my research and as I compared multiple small breeds the Coton de Tulear kept rising to the top of the list. “A Coton? What is that?” my husband asked. I said well it is a sweet little dog, that is easy to train, loves her humans, has a long-life span, low health issues, and literally their hair is as soft a cotton! I was already in love with the thought of how this breed was described. I immediately began looking for a breeder. We were willing to go as far as California to get our newest little one, as we had done with our now four-year-old Irish Setter, Rubie. The first breeder that showed up in my search was Cuddly Coton’s. I perused their website and they said they would deliver to the Mid-west. How convenient, since we live in West Michigan. I immediately reached out to Linda and she promptly answered my text. Amazingly, she was located not more than a few miles from our home and she had just had a litter born two days prior to my contact. We spoke back and forth, she answered my numerous questions and we made the decision a Coton was right for us. I also reached out to my vet for their opinion on the breeder and my vet had a high opinion of this breeder. In fact, the technician I spoke with ultimately adopted from a second litter that was born a few weeks after our little girl. Linda sent me photos and updates on how our little Rockette was growing. This made the connection with her all the more real. As soon as Rockette was able to meet us we visited Linda’s home. It is located in a beautiful wooded setting, with a fenced in yard, and lots of room for the puppies to explore. Linda keeps all the puppies in her beautiful home. They are born and raised with incredible love and warmth for the first weeks of their lives. I know this makes for very, very well socialized, adjusted, and loving puppies. Our Rockette has been nothing less than an amazing addition to our family. She is the happiest, sweetest, funniest little dog I have ever met. She is only seven months old now and is completely potty trained, she sleeps with us at night, and loves every human and dog she comes in contact with. She is the most popular little pup on the block! If you are thinking of adding a little pup to your life, I highly recommend a Coton and I cannot think of another breeder to consider. Even if you live in California, you would be blessed to adopt one of Linda’s puppies. Wishing you the best as you make your decision. Best Regards, Jon, Danielle, and Rockette, Rockford, MI USA  January 2020

Hi Linda, 

'Thought we'd update you after two weeks since Murphy came home...

* definitely knows his name

* follows us everywhere

*  loves, loves, loves to cuddle

* so far, ignores chipmunks and squirrels

* sleeps quietly all night in his crate with a blanket over the door

* spent the afternoon at school with me two days and adored all the attention from dozens of handlers without any shaking or making a peep!

* way more a nibbler than an eater so far, but isn't a beggar either, so that is fine with us.

* making progress on the biting thing - a firm 'no' and 10 minute timeout in his crate is doing the trick

* acceptant of all new toys, though plastic water bottle is still his favorite. He chases it all around the living room

* routine being established and we are better at consistency as time goes on

* potty training better day by day :)

* barking little except to wake us to go potty in the early AM - THAT'S a good thing...

* Pretty much the perfect little buddy

* now has a middle name (Finnegan) ... Irish name meaning 'little white one' as chosen by our daughter :)

That's it for now. Loving him so much!

Thanks, Linda. You obviously did a great job until we became his forever family!

Have a great week and thank you so much for this incredible puppy.

Mary and David 


I have been waiting to bring home a puppy for years. After much research and long hours on the internet Linda came into my life through a family member. What a blessing! Working with Linda to adopt my Frankie Lynne was a fabulous experience and I cannot say enough good things. Linda was kind enough to send me pictures and updates of my girl before I was able to pick her up, answered endless questions I had as a first time dog mom and offered the reassurance I needed. The entire process felt more like a friendship that anything else. Linda is kind, attentive and knowledgeable. In addition, when I visited and, ultimately, picked up Frankie I knew she had been well cared for. Thank you Linda for making my experience better than I could have imagined.


August 2019


I looked everywhere to find a Coton De Tulear puppy the summer of 2009 and then I found Linda in Rockford, and when I met the Coton puppies I fell instantly in love. They were so sweet, affectionate and they were amazingly calm. Linda was awesome and answered all my questions, and I felt very comfortable and she welcomed me into her home. I still stay in touch with her, and send pictures of my Josie.  The whole experience was more than I could have hoped for and I have the most amazing dog ever. If you are looking for a Coton I highly recommend this breeder. 



Hi Linda,

My husband and I just wanted to send you a note of gratitude for our experience with acquiring our newest family member, Sophie, from your loving home.

We knew we wanted a Coton de Tulear, but we wanted to make sure that we purchased from a breeder, that was passionate about maintaining a healthy and nurturing environment. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience working with you to acquire our Coton, Sophie. We felt well informed and communicated with through every step. Sophie is both intelligent and has a wonderful disposition. She continues to bring us so much joy. Thanks again.


Ann & Floyd Chasse

June 2019


Right around Christmas, my husband, 6-year old daughter and I decided it was time to bring a puppy into our family. I have never had a house pet in my life (I'm 39 years old), and we all had ideas about what type of dog would work best without existing dynamic and smaller home.

We ended up learning about "Cuddly Cotons" from the website, and my husband sent an e-mail to inquire about adoption.Linda immediately responded, answering all of his questions. He decided to call her shortly after the reply to set up a meeting. Low and behold - a litter of 5 puppies were being born as they spoke! He ended up setting up a meeting for four weeks later, when it was safe to handle the newborn doggies. Four of them were accounted for already, so we were veryhappy he called when he did!

To our surprise, Linda sent us adorable pictures of our soon-to-be-pup, and kept us updated on how he was doing during these first, few weeks. We could hardly wait to meet him! We made the 3 hour trip to Grand Rapids to meet Linda at her home, where she breeds and cares for her puppies. We immediately fell in love…. not just with Juneau (we had namedhim already), but with the home, the beautiful, clean space the puppies were living in, and most importantly, the obvious passion, concern and respect Linda has for her dogs and puppies, and her role as a breeder. 

My husband and I felt comfortable with her right away. She took the time to answer our questions and discuss all of our concerns. We held and cuddled Juneau the entire time, and were able to meet his parents and siblings. Our daughters was elated. By the time we left (as hard as it was to leave), we KNEW we were making the right decision! It got even better once we brought our little guy home. Linda was there for all the questions we had - panicked moments -

everything. It was as if she had nothing else to do except help us! She sent me helpful articles and even initiated emails, asking for updates about Juneau. I could have never imagined a breeder would be this conscientious, patient and thorough. It is a blessing that we were able to work with Linda to adopt our beautiful, little Coton De Tulear.


Denise Lippert

Plymouth, Mi

M & M

My daughters, McAra and Myranda have been watching "Too Cute"  on Animal planet for the past couple of years. They have been dreaming of getting a new puppy and would often show us the puppies featured on the show. One day they showed my wife and I a dog featured called "Coton de Tulear". Intrigued by the way the dog was portrayed on the show, I began to research on the internet for more information. I came across Linda's web site. I was impressed with the website because it was up-to-date and very detailed. It answered most of the questions I had. I read the testimonies and decided to e-mail Linda to ask some questions. Linda e-mailed back with 24-48 hours and I was impressed. Linda was very helpful and was patient with us. We never felt pressured. We looked at the photos and decided on a Honey bear. What a blessing this little dog is. Our daughter's have name the puppy M&M after their own names.  M&M fits right into our family. It has only been 2 months and we are so grateful that we chose to go with Linda. When we went to pick up M&M, we noticed how well she cares for the dogs and was impressed with how knowledgeable Linda is. I assumed once we got M&M we wouldn't hear from Linda. That was not the case Linda checked on M&M and offered suggestions to help with the transition. We are so happy and highly recommend getting a Coton de Tulear or a Honeybear from Linda and CuddlyCotons.


We purchased a puppy from Linda and named him Greyson. Both of my kids wanted a dog
for many years and anyone who knows me can surly agree to the fact that I am not a dog lover or like any animal for
that matter. However, I thought having a dog might teach my kids responsibility and a life long lesson of keeping your word.
I am so thankful I found the Cuddly Cotons website and Linda. She is a quality breeder and I am very lucky
To have a friend like her.
She answered all my 1st time puppy owner questions no matter how ridiculous they were.
We also appreciate Linda taking Greyson back to her house when we were on vacation. Greyson
has such a pleasant personality and always cheerfully greets us when we come home. He knows when your having a bad day and tries his best to make you feel better.
I never thought I would say this, but life wouldn't be the same without Greyson. He makes our family complete and we love him to death! If anyone is contemplating purchasing a Coton de tulear or Honey bear, I would highly recommend talking to Linda. She know her stuff, her puppies are top quality, and she takes care of you after the sale.
Thanks again Linda!
Randy, Sue, Melissa and Christopher Zandstra
And Greyson too!


Hi Linda

Sailor is doing great and such a huge part of our family...she's just like her Mom...always giving out kisses and the center of attention. I just love her so much~ Tracey


Paizley is the 3rd puppy I have gotten from Linda in 6 years.  She is a Maltipoo and 

my others are a Coton de Tulear and a Honey Bear (Coton de Tulear/Maltese/Shih Tzu mix).  

Every puppy I have gotten from Linda has been healthy and well socialized.  Linda is 

passionate about her pups and very knowledgeable.  She is always on hand to answer 

questions during the purchase process and afterwards.  This is not just a job to her, but 

a calling.  I'm very thankful that I came across her website because my puppies are my 

world and I have made a lifetime friend in Linda.  If I decide to get another pup, she 

will be the only one I contact.  You can't go wrong with Linda or her puppies! 


My husband and I recently brought home our sweet little  Franklin, and he has 

been the most wonderful addition to our family. As first time puppy owners (as adults), we did a lot of research to find a responsible, knowledgable, and loving breeder close to home, and had to look no further than Linda at Cuddly Cotons. From day one, Linda made the process an enjoyable experience for us and for our puppy; 

until our puppy was ready to come home, Linda encouraged that we visit him periodically so that the transition home would be easier for all of us (and it was!).

Linda and her family regularly held, played with, and socialized Franklin and his litter 

mates from day one, and each puppy was treated like they were part of her family. With so much attention in his formative weeks, it's no wonder why our little Franklin is the most gentle, loving, playful, trusting, and intelligent puppy we could ask for.

Our veterinarian has also had nothing but great things to say about the health and 

strength of our little guy, and we credit Linda's outstanding job for that.

Thanks for everything, Linda!


Hi Linda!

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to give you an update on our Bella (born 

June 26, 2015). We absolutely adore her!  She is really the best little dog around.  

She had a fun summer traveling to our lake house in the U.P., loves boat rides, 

swimming, and swinging in the hammocks on someones lap. We really had no idea how much 

joy she would bring to our family. When one of my boys have a rough day, they snuggle 

with her for Bella therapy..and it really does work.  She also loves Mondays, when 

everyone is back to school and work (me too!). She basically sleeps the entire day to 

recover from the weekend craziness. 

Our only regret is that we wonder if we should have gotten two dogs so she would have a 


Happy Holidays and thank you again for our sweet girl!



"We feel truly blessed to have found such a wonderful breeder. We now have the most loving, playful, adorable, sweet and special buddle of coton love in our lives. We honestly love this breed. After spending weeks researching and calling breeders, I finally found Linda. She answered all our questions, invited us into her home, gave us lots of great advice, and truly cannot be happier.  He was so spoiled and loved when we picked him up to go home."

Milo, Jen & Chris

WAVE~Our Coton de Tulear

Hi Linda,

It is hard to believe, but Wave will be a year old in a few months.  I am just wondering, is this dog part human?  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly he learns and what he will come up with next.  He is super smart (and sassy)!  Our family jokes that he is the dog that actually does all the crazy things you see dogs doing in the movies.  He loves everyone and just about wiggles and jumps out of his skin until he can say hello.  He loves to play with my kids and wake them up each morning.  He loves walks, being outdoors, and playing in the snow.  You were not kidding when you said these dogs love to be around people and love attention.

When our family first started talking about getting a new puppy, I had never heard of a Coton de Tulear.  The entire process of choosing a dog (as opposed to adopting the latest stray) was overwhelming for me.  When I stumbled upon your website and started reading about the breed, I still had doubts.  I was amazed at your quick response to my website inquiry, and I appreciate that you actually called me to talk.  I never felt like I was bothering you or asking obvious questions.  We especially appreciated when you set up an opportunity to meet one of your puppies, Oliver, who lived close to us.  My husband has allergies and when he had no reactions to Oliver, it was a done deal!  You made the entire process of getting Wave simple and we waited eagerly for the updates and photos you sent as he was growing each week.  Thank You for everything! 

Wave has had no health issues.  To my delight, he weighs in at a solid 16 pounds!  Even though he is a small dog, I love that he can keep up with the kids.  We are looking forward to a great summer!





Hi Linda,

We had such a great experience with you. Bentley has fit right in and is very well adjusted. He is such a joy to our home. We were impressed with you from the very first phone call. Being able to go see your puppies really let us know that they were coming from a good home. It was fun to be able to pick him out too. You gave us invaluable tips from what kind of cage to buy to how we should schedule his shots. Not to mention what to do when he is biting and how we should wait to have him play with other dogs. Bentley is fun and full of life. He even likes the vacuum cleaner. Thank you for treating your puppies with such care. Your love for them shines through in how well adjusted they are. Bentley still has some accidents in the house and he can be a bit of a rascal at times (eating a hole through our carpet) but we wouldn't want any other puppy. Thanks for everything!  Merry Christmas!!!

Steve and Kathy Girschle


Hi Linda!

I hope you had a great time at the holidays. We certainly did. Just wanted to send you a 

quick note on how Bailey is. 

She is doing so great. She is so good. I can't believe how calm she is at her age. We 

take her everywhere with us if we can, she is a great traveler. We absolutely love, love 

having her in our family.  My husband just adores her. Haha. It's hilarious. 

The only issue I had is I took her to a groomer who absolutely butchered her.    They 

gave her a bad haircut, It is just beginning to look good now. 

Thanks Linda for such a wonderful addition to our family! 



In December 2011, we lost our beloved Chow Chow to cancer and my family was devastated. My 3 year old little girl asked me everyday if our Dog was in doggie heaven. It was a tough time. We decided very quickly to get a new puppy to help our daughter get through her grief. I searched all over the web for a dog that could fit in with our family. I just happened to stumble upon a Coton and I was interested because I had never heard of the breed. I contacted Linda at Cuddly Cotons and she was so helpful. Linda really has a passion for this breed and loves and respects her dogs. I truly believe she lives the Breeder's Code of Ethics. Linda asked me just as many questions as I asked her and this means she really CARES about her puppies and their quality of life in their forever homes. I cannot express how much my family has grown to love this dog. He has added so much to our life and we take him everywhere with us. He is so loving and patient with my 3 year old daughter and he has become her best friend. This is exactly what we were looking for. Linda is such a caring and ethical person and she really does want the best for her puppies. My family is so pleased and we CONSTANTLY refer people to Linda is they are looking for the perfect pet. Words cannot express how much we love him. 

 Thank You! Denise McCarther



Hi Linda!

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to give you an update on our Bella (born 

June 26, 2015). We absolutely adore her!  She is really the best little dog around.  

She had a fun summer traveling to our lake house in the U.P., loves boat rides, 

swimming, and swinging in the hammocks on someones lap. We really had no idea how much 

joy she would bring to our family. When one of my boys have a rough day, they snuggle 

with her for comfort and it really does work.  She also loves Mondays, when 

everyone is back to school and work (me too!). She basically sleeps the entire day to 

recover from the weekend craziness. 

Our only regret is that we wonder if we should have gotten two dogs so she would have a 


I attached a couple of pics. She is still tiny!  She has not hit 8 pounds.  But 

we love her size. 😊

Happy Holidays and thank you again for our sweet girl!

Kristin Blake-Thomas