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 To get prepared for your new arrival we put together this shopping list.

  1. Royal Canin Small breed puppy food
  2. Bil Jaks Little Jacs training treats
  3. XS harness and leash
  4. Puppy shampoo, and puppy cleansing wipes
  5. Nylabone & puppy teething toys (Kong)
  6. Wire crate size 19 wide x 24 long
  7. Small water and food dish
  8. Washable dog bed
  9. Poochie bells for potty training
  10. Puppy pee pads
  11. Soft Bristle Brush for grooming
  12. Bully Sticks for teething
  13. Safety tip scissors for trimming hair around face, bottom of feet and tail feathers.
  14. Small toys for playing
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