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Hudson has personality plus, he is a sweetheart, he loves children and loves to be held. He is a big ham. He is super affectionate, and loves to go for walks, he enjoys swimming and loves to romp in the snow in the winter. He is also a big teddy bear. Loves to give and get attention. He has wonderful bloodlines, and he has been health tested by my vet and has perfect hips, heart and patellas. He weighs 12 pounds, and has champion bloodlines. He loves to take walks, and he is a big flirt with the girls. He LOVES his family, and enjoys giving kisses. Hudson is health tested and cleared for BNAT & CDDY-IVVD risk through GenSol Health testing. He is OFA cleared for knees. He also has been DNA'd through AKC.


Tulani (pictured below)  is my love bug, and she is very outgoing. She loves life, people, her family and other dogs. She is super nurturing, kind hearted, loves to give and receive love, and is just an all around amazing sweetheart. She is very playful, and happy go lucky, and she just wants to be the center of attention. She loves her puppies, and she is an excellent Mom. She has amazing bloodlines back to France, Spain, and Hungary. The best thing about Tulani is she is always ready to dance on her back feet for a treat. She is truly a blessing to have. She enjoys being social, and going for car rides, going for boat ride, and she has a beautiful smile. Tulani is Gensol health tested and clear of BNAT(Bandera's Neonatal Ataxia and CDDY-IVVD (Chondrodystrophy and IVDD risk. Test Score on both A. She is OFA cleared for her knees. 


Pebbles (pictured above) is an adorable fun loving affectionate female is the sweetest thing on four legs. She loves everyone and she has a heart of gold. She has champion bloodlines back to Subarashil in Hungary, and Cotonbrie in France. She has an exceptional personality, and loves to hop through the snow in the winter. She has a beautiful coat of hair, very thick and soft. She keeps me smiling daily with her Coton antics, and fun loving, outgoing, social personality. She is as sweet as pie, and loves to go for walks. She is a joy to be around. Pebbles makes amazing puppies, they are super sweet, and cuddly.  She is also a very small Coton weighing in at 8 pounds. She loves to spin in circles when she gets excited. She is always smiling and is an amazing Mom. Pebbles has had extensive health testing and is cleared for 255 genetic health diseases.

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