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One female malti pom puppy available in time for Christmas. $600. She is going to be small between 4 and 6 pounds full grown. To reserve her Call 616-866-9575.

The pictures shown above are from the October 20th litter and all puppies are sold and in their forever homes. Call me or email me for further information on the upcoming summer litter. email:


Phone 616-866-9575

The puppies are going to be between 4 and 6 pounds full grown. Sophie is an AKC Pomeranian and she is 5 pounds, and Cloud the stud is an AKC Maltese and he is 5.5 pounds. To get on the waiting list, please give me a call 616-866-9575. The pictures below are from Sophies spring litter 2011.

This is a picture of the AKC Pomeranian Mom. The picture below is the AKC Maltese Dad Cloud.

Info about the Maltese/Pomeranian designer mix


The Maltipom is a beautiful little dog with long silky white or cream colored hair. 

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of the Maltipom is 12 to 14 years.


A fully grown Maltipom weighs around 5 to 8 pounds.


The Maltipom is very playful, loving and loyal dog.

Family Dog

The Maltipom can make a great family dog but definately have that one person that they will gravitate to more than others. They are great with older children


The Maltipom makes a good companion dog who always wants to be by your side.


The coat of the Maltipom is mostly white or cream colored.


The Maltipom does require grooming. Their coat requires frequent brushing and grooming. If they are a family pet, it is a great way for everyone to participate and increase that family bond.


The Maltipom is a very energectic dog who loves to play and go for long walks. They are also content playing on their own or chewing on toys and bones. They are very patient, playful, full of energy and happy to greet you when you walk in the door.


 The Maltipom makes a great watch dog. Some do tend to be barkers while others are more laid-back.


The Maltipom can do fine in all sorts of weather. If it is cold they would do best with a sweater or jacket on. In extremely cold temperatures booties are recommended.


 For being such a small dog Maltipoms have great endurance. They love to go on long daily walks.

Living Conditions

The Maltipom makes a great apartment dog.

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