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Male Verses Female?
All puppies are sweet! Who can say they're not the most adorable companions you can ask for. They are sweet, cuddly, wiggly, and affectionate. For some reason most people have a pre-determined idea that female puppies are easier to train and exhibit less aggressive behavior, but in actuality males are less aggressive and just as easy to train. In the Coton De Tulear breed....both the males and females are equally sweet and affectionate. Cotons are also the most non-agressive breed you will ever find, they are also very loving and easy going. They are the calmest breed I have ever owned.

Here is a few facts on the males verses the females:

Female puppies will let you know right away who is boss,

and they will rule the roost, and establish dominance.

Females are more likely to fight with another female,

than a male is to fight with another male.

Females can be less interested in what you are doing,

and go do their own thing.Where males are more attentive, and loving

. Males are very loyal, very playful, affectionate, and they want to please you.

They say if you want to find a dog to love ~ get a female,

if you want a dog to be in love with you get a male.

Males are also motivated by food, so they are easy to train.

My male Louie is always near me, he lays by my feet, he has to go with me in the car,

he enjoys being with me. He is such a sweetie. He is a Mama's boy.

One myth is that males are always humping or lifting their leg to potty.

If a male is neutured early enough, by five months, they rarely exhibit these behaviors.

I actually think females "hump" more than any male I have ever had, it is a domanance trait. However, if you get a female spayed by the time they are six or seven months old this would definately help.

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