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Quotes Our experience with Linda Gogocha at Cuddly Cotons has been and continues to be rewarding. This was our first experience with the Coton. We had always had terriers before and didn't know what to expect. Linda was willing to introduce us to the breed and patiently answer all our questions. She listened to our experiences with dogs and what characteristics we desired in a dog. Then she matched us up with the perfect puppy for us. The puppy was calm at first just watching and waiting, figuring out how things work. Then with spurts of focused energy he zipped about doing things that constantly made us laugh. We can already tell by the things he is learning to do that he is highly intelligent! We named our puppy, PT for physical therapy. That's his job. He acts as physical therapy for my husband, a recovering stroke patient. Already the physical therapy doctor can see an improvement in my husband's strength. Linda continues to e-mail us and give us advice. Quotes
Anne & Chris January 2014
PT our Coton puppy

Quotes What is a Coton de Tulear? Pure love. The Coton is the most affectionate and loyal companion you could ever dream of. After a long day at work, he's always there to lay down next to me and just cuddle. My husband suffers from migraines and Bo (our Coton) sits with him to provide comfort. Cotons are playful as well. He loves playing with other dogs. If you are considering a Coton, there is no better breeder than Linda, owner of Cuddly Cotons in Rockford, MI. After a careful screening, Linda is there every step of the way. She contacted us immediately as soon as she learned of our interest. She sent us pictures. Linda lives about 50 minutes away from us and we were able to visit with her and our new puppy several times before he was old enough to come home with us. Linda loves this and encourages this wonderful bonding experience. Linda takes care of all the newborns at her home which is warm, inviting, and clean. She even has friends come over to love on the puppies. Quotes
Our Coton de Tulear Bo
Letter from Valerie Stoezel January 2014

Quotes Hi Linda, Just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with Jabulani!! She is the cutest, playful, most loving pup. We take her out for visits to the petstore and she is beyond excited to meet other people and animals. She entertains us non stop. Thank you for all the questions you so quickly answered and for providing us with such an amazing pup and always willing to answer more questions. We are so pleased!!! Should I decide to get another I will definitely visit you again .... TH Quotes
Happy Family

Quotes Hi Linda, I know that you are busy with the holidays but I just have to tell you what a great dog Archie is. We had a family Christmas party here yesterday with about 14 people. I figured that I would let everyone meet and admire Archie and then put him in his crate (since there was going to be chaos, food, kids, and lots of wrapping paper). As it turned out I didn't have to do that. Archie was a perfect little puppy; he greeted everyone at the door with his tail wagging but no jumping or barking. He didn't try to get food and he left the wrapping paper alone (a miracle, since paper is like gold to him, he wants it!). He was PERFECT! Everyone loved him and could NOT believe how cute and well behaved he is. I was so proud of him! I AM thankful for him (and you) every day! I hope that his brothers and their families are as happy as we are! Dana Quotes
Very happy customer

Quotes Long over due: Our family was blessed to have adopted our little boy, Rex, 9 months ago from Cuddly Cotons. We were so impressed with Linda's wealth of knowledge about the Coton and how she cares for these cute babies in her home. She truly cares about all of her little puppies and makes sure that each one goes to a great home. If we ever feel the need to adopt another puppy, Cuddly Cotons will be the ONLY place that we will look. We love you Cuddly Cotons and thank you for our funny, happy, loving, most handsome boy, Rex. Sincerely, Andrea Millard Quotes
Our Coton Rex
Thank you

Quotes Linda, I really love my new family and they tell me I'm such a good girl all the time! I have been doing a really good job potty training and I even get to visit my 1/2 sister Aria. Thank you for finding me a great family and home. Here is a pic of me playing outside. Tell my mom and dad hi! And let them know that my new family loves me soooo much! Xoxo Maizey Quotes
Lara Smolinski
Our puppy Maizy

Quotes We have had had our Coton for 7 months now and we couldn't be happier with our family addition. Sami is such a sweet girl and she is so smart. She tells us when she needs to go outside and loves to play hide and seek with our daughter. Linda was so helpful through this process and guiding us to pick the right pup. There may even be another coton pup in our future. Thanks Linda for caring about this breed and finding good homes. These dogs deserve lots of love and attention. Quotes
Tommy, Anne and Elyse

Quotes Mya is growing and healthy! She is so sweet we all love her to pieces! Our vet thinks she is awesome and that we have a really good dog. She is doing tricks for Paul but rolling over is not happening yet. She dances on her hind legs and entertains with what we call the Mya Show. She tells us when she has to go out and almost has us trained completely!!! She sleeps in her crate all night and she plays hard ... so cute! We took her for a doggie play date yesterday and she did so well. She goes for walks and makes friends with whoever she sees! Thanks for raising such good puppies Linda! Gail, Mike, Paul & Mya Quotes
Gail, Mike & Paul Lyons
Our Coton Mya

Quotes Hi Linda! We have now had our sweet Oakley for six months! We absolutely love her! We can't thank you enough for bringing the Coton breed into our lives! We really appreciated the time you spent with us and all the information you shared. It was a breeze to "house break" our Oakley with your tips and instruction. She is the sweetest tempered dog we have ever had! We hope all is well with you and your family. We hope you've been able to enjoy your summer! Thanks again, Nick and Stefanie Lauria Quotes
Our darling Coton

Quotes Linda, Just wanted to let you know what a complete joy this little puppy named Max has brought to our family. He constantly amazes us and we find ourselves laughing so hard at his little personality. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give him this new home and family. kelly :) Quotes
Max our Coton de Tulear puppy
Decker Family
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