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Quotes Hi Linda, Bella got her 2nd sent of shots on the 13th. Scheduled for Leptos on the 27th. Potty training is at about 90%. Getting there. Can now sit, working on come, heel, stay, watch me & a few others. Eating & drinking really well. Smart puppy, very playful - even by herself. Could you please tell me the name of the Coton book & author that you showed us when we picked her up. Many thanks. Dan & Melinda October 16, 2014 Quotes
Our Coton de Tulear

Quotes Pebbles is perfect and the love of my life. XOXOXO Really the sweetest smartest little pup ever! She goes with me everywhere. Both my sons teams in soccer and hockey have voted her the mascot. Hope all is well with you and your family! Thanks again for my priceless gift! Sincerely, Nicole Quotes
Love our Coton de Tulear

Quotes I first became interested in a Coton De Tulear upon seeing a co-workers puppy from Cuddly Cotons. I contacted Linda and she graciously returned all my emails and questions quickly. Linda invited me to visit her home and see the parent dogs and puppies. She is knowledgeable about her dogs and other aspects of training and care. Her dogs live in a clean environment and obviously receive lots of attention and socializing by Linda and her family. Linda made me feel very comfortable about asking questions and learning as much as I could. She emailed me information on the breed and other concerns. She sent me pictures when Frankie was born and after before he was ready to go home. I am a teacher and wanted very much to start my summer with a new puppy and Linda understood and helped me to make this happen. She sent me pictures of the parents and puppies at different times throughout my pregnancy wait. I brought home Frankie a male Coton in June of 2014. Thanks, Kathie Gibson Quotes
Puppy Love
Frankie Gibson

Quotes Linda,We've fallen in love with Ollie. He's doing great. My grandchildren love playing with him and he enjoys the interaction as well. I took him to our vet today. He's just fine - his weight is up to 3.46 lbs. The first night he slept from 10:30 to 6, and kept his crate clean. Last night he got up at 3 and again at 6, so I'm a bit zonked, but again he kept his crate clean. He's learning to use the potty tray, and remembers about 1/3 of the time. He's also eating well, but small amounts. The vet said he's healthy, and that I could add a small amount of plain boiled chicken breast to his food to increase his appetite. He's got lots of energy, is well behaved and generally a delight to have in our home. Tomorrow we head up north, where he'll meet the rest of our family. They're very excited to meet him. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful pet. Thank you, Sherry Quotes
July 25, 2014

Quotes Our family looking to get a new dog, after doing some research on the right breed to fit our family we decided on a Coton. Now where do we find one of these precious puppies??After a short internet search we found . We sent an email inquiry and got a response within the hour. Linda sent us photos of what was going to be available and we fell in love with our Lilly that night. We placed our order and sent our deposit. Linda sent us weekly photos and a list of everything we need for this breed. We even picked our puppies name prior to our delivery so that she would start to become familiar to who she was even before we met. Linda was extremely accommodating and changed her schedule to allow us to pick up our new puppy while we were in the area for a college visit for my son; this saved us a 6 hour round trip. The communication though out the entire transaction was over the top, and the customer service even 5 months later has been great. Quotes
The Deister Family
Thanks so much

Quotes I have been in contact with Linda for a few years ever since I lost my first Coton de Tulear unexpectedly. Finally in December of 2013 I got to bring home one of her puppies from Maddys litter!! Her name is Remi (Remington) and is the sweetest, most gentle, snuggly, loving puppy! She is such a good listener and loves to play outside (even in the rain and snow) and go for walks! I still get so many compliments on how cute she is :) Linda is more like a friend than a breeder, she takes genuine concern into the life of your puppy from the day its born and even once it goes home with you. Remi is now almost 6 months old and Linda still takes an interest in how she is! :) Every time someone comments that they want a dog like Remi I tell them to look her up! I only wish we could get another puppy from her soon!! Thank you Linda for everything you have done. You made bringing her home so easy and so personal and I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us! Quotes

Quotes So good to hear from you & I am glad it worked out with the Burke's to get a Coton puppy from you . Oliver is getting big we really notice it when we look at the pictures from December. I cannot believe what am absolute joy he is . We can't help but smile every time we look at him. He is truly a very good puppy. We are so lucky to have him:) We all just love him.Thank you for breeding such wonderful Cotons. I have to say Noel & Vinny made a wonderful puppy. Hope all is well with you - Happy Spring! Johanna Quotes
Oliver Update March 21, 2014
Thank You

Quotes My daughters, McAra and Myranda have been watching "Too Cute" on Animal planet for the past couple of years. They have been dreaming of getting a new puppy and would often show us the puppies featured on the show. One day they showed my wife and I a dog featured called "Coton de Tulear". Intrigued by the way the dog was portrayed on the show, I began to research on the internet for more information. I came across Linda's web site. I was impressed with the website because it was up-to-date and very detailed. It answered most of the questions I had. I read the testimonies and decided to e-mail Linda to ask some questions. Linda e-mailed back with 24-48 hours and I was impressed. Linda was very helpful and was patient with us. We looked at the photos and decided on a Honey bear. What a blessing this little dog is. Our daughter's have name the puppy M&M after their own names. M&M fits right into our family. I recommend Linda and Cuddly Cotons Quotes
M & M
Thank you from Russ & Kari

Quotes Happy New Year! Just thought you might like to see a picture of Oliver. He is such a joy to have:) We just love him & he is a really good puppy :) He loves to be outside . We are now able to take him on walks & that has been lots of fun. He can walk & run much further than we thought . Hope all is well with you . I am thinking it might be time for him to go to the groomers ?? Thank you so much, Johanna Quotes
Oliver Slocum
Happy New Year 2014

Quotes Linda, just wanted to drop you a note. My family has had Cooper since 2012 and we love him so much. He has been a joy, I believe in no small part to the way you cared for him his first 8 weeks. He was easy to house train, he goes to the groomer and thinks it is a day at the spa. Every time I hear someone talking about getting a dog I recommend a Honey Bear. Hope you have continued success. Patty Haupert Quotes
Thank you
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