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Quotes I could not be more pleased with Linda's professionalism and how she made this such a fun experience for my wife and I. A couple times a week we would get a few pictures of our new pooch or a video of him playing. his brothers. We had a trip to Florida scheduled so we would be gone for a couple of weeks. The trip was enhanced with pictures and videos of our new puppy. It made the trip even more enjoyable then it was. When it was time to head home, we were lucky enough to be able to pick up our new puppy on the way through GR. We decided during our vacation to name him Tucker. What a great dog he is turning out to be. I am pretty sure this is rare but his first night at home, he did not cry at all. We are keeping him in a cage at night and he could not be happier. My wife has been taking him to the office everyday and I have been picking him up on my way home from work. Quotes
Ted & Robin
Our Coton de Tulear puppy

Quotes We feel truly blessed to have found such a wonderful breeder. We now have the most loving, playful, adorable, sweet and special buddle of coton love in our lives. We honestly could not be more thrilled with our experience with Linda. We have an allergy in our family and she provided us the opportunity to spend time with another one of her Cotons. She answered all of our questions, provided information and made the experience of getting our puppy an enjoyable one.It wasn't just her professionalism and knowledge - it was knowing our dog was coming from a breeder who truly loved and cared for her dogs. That was evident throughout our experience and continued to be evident once we picked up our puppy. It was clear he came from a loving & nurturing environment right from the get go! We will forever be grateful to Linda for giving us this wonderful pup. I hope everyone who is looking for a new dog hears about CuddlyCotons & her dogs.I know we already have friends swooning over him Quotes
Jen & Chris

Quotes After spending weeks researching and calling breeders, I finally found Linda. During the initial phone call, we spoke for about 30 minutes. Having never had a small dog before I had a ton of questions and Linda answered every one of them. Her knowledge of Coton de Tulears is impressive. She clearly breeds these dogs out of love and wants them to be raised with loving families who will care for them as much as she does. The day our happy and healthy little Brody arrived, we fell in love and knew we made the right decision. Not only by getting a Coton, but also by using such a wonderful breeder. Linda continues to check in with us to make sure Brody is adjusting well. If anyone I know wants a fuzzy bundle of love, I am sending them Lindas way! Quotes
Carolyn Stuhfire
My Fuzzy bundle of Love Brody

Quotes Linda - thank you for bringing this cuddly, cute, playful, loving, fun, and furry ball of Coton joy into our lives! We will always remember our luck in finding you and our sweet little Moby boy... it all worked out so well, and Moby is already quite the popular attraction in our home and our neighborhood. Thank you so much for all the info you provided and the great communication throughout. We are so very happy with our new family member! He has lived up to all the great expectations we had from our research and discussions. Truly a joy. :-) Quotes
Edmisten Family
HAPPY Coton Owners!

Quotes I reached out to Linda when I was looking for a puppy. Linda was exactly right about this cuddly dog and how he came from sweet loving parents. My husband and I had a Coton for 13.5 years and adored how affectionate this breed can be. Once I picked the dog up, it was immediately evident that this dog had been raised in a loving and caring environment. On May 14th, Milo will be 1 year old and he has given us so much laughter and affection during this past year. They always say that children and pets are the product of their environment. This was truly characteristic of the environment that these Cotons were raised in. When we picked up Milo we were greeted by many happy dogs. It was difficult not to want to scoop all of them up and take them home. I will always be appreciative to Linda for giving us this wonderful pet. He is so loving and he knows that we will always be his FOREVER parents! Thank you for breeding such wonderful Cotons. Quotes
Michele Ryker
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Just wanted to check in with you. George Michael is coming up in his first birthday! We couldn't have asked for a better pet to join our family! He is the best! He's super playful and cute by day, and the the best snuggler at night and early in the morning! My kids adore him and he is a Mommy's boy, which I love! My husband is George's super giant chew toy! Those two have a special connection as well! He loves car rides, and he gets super spunky in the snow. He also loves going to doggy daycare now and then for a couple hours to play with all of his dog friends! The place we found specializes in only small breed dogs, and we can watch him online. He socializes quite well with other dogs! This has been a God-send with all these below zero temps we've had. It's a perfect way to have him get his energy out! We did have to shave him down to get rid of all the matts in his hair, but it's growing back quickly and he looks good! My kids actually prefer the length it's at now com Quotes
George Michael our Coton

Quotes We had such a great experience with you. Bentley has fit right in and is very well adjusted. He is such a joy to our home. We were impressed with you from the very first phone call. Being able to go see your puppies really let us know that they were coming from a good home. It was fun to be able to pick him out too. You gave us invaluable tips from what kind of cage to buy to how we should schedule his shots. Not to mention what to do when he is biting and how we should wait to have him play with other dogs. Bentley is fun and full of life. He even likes the vacuum cleaner. Thank you for treating your puppies with such care. Your love for them shines through in how well adjusted they are. Bentley still has some accidents in the house and he can be a bit of a rascal at times (eating a hole through our carpet) but we wouldn't want any other puppy. Thanks for everything! (The picture is from a month or so ago. He is already over 7 lbs.) Merry Christmas!!! Steve and Kathy Girschle Quotes

Quotes My husband and I recently brought home our sweet little Maltipoo, Franklin, and he has been the most wonderful addition to our family.As first time puppy owners (as adults), we did a lot of research to find a responsible, knowledgable, and loving breeder close to home, and had to look no further than Linda at Cuddly Cotons. From day one, Linda made the process an enjoyable experience for us and for our puppy; until our puppy was ready to come home, Linda encouraged that we visit him periodically so that the transition home would be easier for all of us (and it was!). Linda and her family regularly held, played with, and socialized Franklin and his litter mates from day one, and each puppy was treated like they were part of her family. With so much attention in his formative weeks, it's no wonder why our little Franklin is the most gentle, loving, playful, trusting, and intelligent puppy we could ask for. Our veterinarian has also had nothing but great things to say about the puppy. Quotes
Sheila and Jordan

Quotes I highly recommend Linda from Cuddly Cotons if you are looking for a puppy. Linda is a great breeder. I got a coton named ?Jax? and he is truly the best dog; very well socialized and so loving. After doing extensive research, I came upon Linda?s website and I contacted her. She was so helpful and gave me a lot of information. Once I decided to go with Linda as a breeder, the process was pretty smooth. I received weekly pics and updates on Jax. Linda even took time out of her thanksgiving dinner to meet me at the airport so that I could pick up Jax. This is one of the best decisions I made in my life. Thanks Linda for everything. Jax sends his love. Quotes
Jax Our Coton Puppy December 2014
Ami Kante

Quotes We got a male Maltipoo, who we named Otto, at the end of October 2014. Linda was so wonderful and made the experience of getting our first family puppy an easy and enjoyable experience. We visited her house to meet her puppies (and ultimately pick one out) and she was very patient, answering all of our questions and giving us time to make our decision. She was very warm and welcoming and her house was very clean, and I felt confident that her dogs are very well cared for. She was very knowledgeable and provided us with lots of information, which we really appreciated especially as first time dog owners. When it came time to come back to pick up Otto to bring him home once he was old enough, she was very flexible with scheduling a date to accommodate our schedule and the fact that we had to drive a long way. She was even able to meet us about halfway for us to pick him up, which was awesome because it saved us a couple hours of driving time. Quotes
The Gurgel Family
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